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Best Movie actors in 2022

Best Movie actors in 2022

Movie stars are some of the most recognizable faces around the world. They play a huge role in influencing public opinion, both positively and negatively. There are hundreds of movie actors around today, but only a handful are household names in  2022.

Johnny Depp

(Born: 10/17/1954) He is an English actor who plays opposite his wife Kate Winslet in her film Titanic. Other big hits include Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland, and Sweeney Todd.

Tom Cruise

(Born: 6/-26/1960) He is most known for his portrayal of Jack Reacher, an ex-military investigator in the film adaptation of Lee Child\'s novel \"Jack Reacher\".

George Clooney

(Born: 4/-23/1961) He got his start in television before making it into movies. He had memorable roles in ER, Batman & Robin, Syriana, and Ocean\'s Eleven.

Leonardo DiCaprio

(Born: 11/-19/1972) He achieved worldwide fame with his role as Tom Ripley in Martin Scorsese's thriller "Shutter Island". Later on, he played Howard Hughes in Oliver Stone's biopic "Aviator" which grossed $280 million at the box office. Other notable films include Gangs Of New York, Blood Diamond, and Titanic.

Angelina Jolie

(Born: 7/-25/1975) She is an actress, director, and producer. She won two Academy Awards for Best Actress, for her role in \"Girl Interrupted\" and for her role in \"Lara Croft Tomb Raider:

Adam Sandler

(Born: 5/23/1974) He is very popular and well-known for his comedy movies like 'Billy Madison' and 'Happy Gilmore'. He's also famous for his television show "Saturday Night Live". And he's just one of the highest-paid comedians out there.

Jennifer Lawrence

(Born: 3/11/1987) She has become an international sex symbol since she started acting at age 16. Since then she has appeared in major films like Battle Royale and Silver Linings Playbook.

Bradley Cooper

(Born: 4/7/1975) He was nominated for Best Actor Oscar for his performance in American Hustle. He has received Golden Globe Award nominations for his performances in The Words and American Sniper.

Daniel Radcliffe

(Born: 11/28/1989) He became a star after playing Harry Potter. Nowadays, he appears in other films like Horns and Kill Your Darlings.


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