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Essentials: What to Pack When You're Going Camping

The time has come to go camping and the big question arises: What should we pack to be prepared for this trip? Depending on where we’re going, what we need to take with us will change. However, there are a number of essentials that you can't go without regardless of the style of camping you’re doing. Below we propose a list of items that cannot be missing in your luggage.

Mobile phone

Ok, we get it. The whole point of this trip is to disconnect from today’s digital world and be in touch with nature for a while, but you will still need it. Forget about the messaging apps and the social networks. When was the last time you picked up an actual calculator to solve an operation you couldn’t do mentally? When was the last time you grabbed a flashlight to illuminate a dark area? Even if you come prepared for all other uses, you’ll need your phone in case of emergency. So be sure to pack it up and get an extra energy source just in case. And you’re fooling nobody, we know you’re going to want to see theScore Referral code in Ontario to place a quick bet when nobody’s watching.

Comfortable clothes and changes

In order for them to be comfortable when you’re moving around camping, you need to wear the appropriate clothing for each moment. These must be comfortable clothes and also clothes that you can live with being damaged. It is recommended not to take more than eight complete changes of clothing. As to what kind of clothing and how much, here’s what we recommend you do: ask yourself the relevant questions and all those that come to mind. Where are you going camping, beach or mountain? Is it (or will it be) during summer or winter? Is it likely that it will rain or will it be cold at night? Pack accordingly depending on the answers you come up with to these questions. However, don’t overdo it. Try to pack just enough so you don't have to carry stuff you won't use!


Obviously, if you take any specific medication and you can’t suspend the treatment, be sure to consult with your doctor if you should be going on this kind of trip. If the answer is positive, you should pack enough medicine for the duration of the trip. Should it be possible (i.e. the medicine won’t spoil and you don’t require an extra order for it), pack a few extra in case they get lost or ruined. If you are allergic or have any type of food intolerance, be sure not to pack that food alongside your medicine and always have the necessary antihistamine. For the rest of it, you should have everything necessary in a first aid kit. Be sure to find a container that closes tightly and won’t open out of nowhere, but also that you can spot (and open) in a hurry. In it, you should pack bandages of different sizes and shapes, gauze pads, antiseptics, anti-burn ointments, alcohol or other wound disinfectant, pain medications and antacids.


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