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Less known places in Canada you should definitely visit

When you think of Canada, you probably think of Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa. However, the second-largest country in the world has so much more to offer its visitors. From natural beauties to interesting attractions, here is a list of 5 hidden gems that even some Canadians don't know about:

1. Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park, Saskatchewan

Yes, you read it well, Canada has a desert! South of Lake Athabasca, a stunning field of sand spreads for around 100 kilometers. The sand dunes go as high as 30 meters. Besides the feeling of being in another part of the world, this amazing place offers plenty of things to discover. There are lakes, forests, rivers, even beaches where you can camp and fish. The park has a unique ecosystem and is the home of some endemic species. It can be accessed only by a float plane. Visitors must be fully prepared and adequately equipped to explore.

2. Dawson City, Yukon

This city feels like stepping into a time machine. Located on the banks of the Yukon River, it combines the heritage of the First Nations and the history of the Gold Rush. This city used to be the heart of the Klondike Gold Rush, back at the end of the 19th century. Today, the gold mining industry is still active, together with strong tourism and booming arts scene. You can experience a lot of unusual things in this city, like the northern lights and the midnight sun. It is even the home of the first Canadian casino: Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall. However, if you think that other attractions are more important (and you are not wrong here), you can visit Canadian online casino.

3. Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

The breathtaking landscape of Dinosaur Park will make you feel like you are in a cowboy movie. In the middle of the Canadian Badlands, this park offers different kinds of activities. You can explore it on foot by following one of the many hiking trails. You can experience it from a new angle by paddling down the Red Deer River. The absolutely best thing of all – you can dig for dinosaur bones! There are fossil displays and recreations of digging sites around the park. It is not hard to imagine how the land before time looked like. To fully enjoy the park, you should stay a few days.

4. Thunder Cove, Prince Edward Island

Just an hour from Charlottetown, all that is standing in the way of a stunning view is a little bit of hike. The unique rock formations, red sand, sea caves, and beaches are worth it! You can explore this scenic shoreline without the fear of too many tourists. One of the highlights is the Teacup Rock – the perfect background for a cool photo.

5. A secret bamboo garden, Toronto

You can find a little piece of nature even if you are stuck in the city. This Toronto's hidden gem is located in the Terrence Donnelly Centre. It is the home of 4-meter-tall bamboos that radiate peace. You can come, sit on the benches, recharge, and enjoy the silence. It is the ideal urban escape!
And there you have it! With its diverse geological features, Canada is an endless source of natural beauties. Hope this list inspires you to discover new places while avoiding annoying crowds.

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