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All Silent Hill Games Listed From Best To Worst

Silent Hill remains one of the only game franchises which dedicates itself entirely to horror or thriller titles. Every day, new gamers discover the series and learn to appreciate the great collaboration between movie director Guillermo del Toro and Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima. As we eagerly wait for news regarding a continuation or reboot, here are all Silent Hill titles ranked best to worst.

1. Silent Hill 2
There are many reasons why the sequel surpassed the original Silent Hill. Building on the successes of its predecessor, Silent Hill 2 provides awesome graphics and an immersive experience for players. Follow James Suderland as he searches desperately for his deceased wife in an emotional and uncomfortable rollercoaster of a journey. The techniques used to immerse the player in an adventure continue to be used even today across different platforms, where you can find the slot version of the game even in an online casino in Canada.  

2. Silent Hill
Although not at the top stop, the original release deserves to be celebrated from its compelling storyline and effective scare tactics. Even though the game’s graphics look ancient, they can still create the same sense of trepidation felt by players over 20 years ago.

3. Silent Hill 3
Whilst there is a general consensus about the success of volumes 1 and 2, there is disagreement about the experience delivered by Silent Hill 3. There is no doubt that this game took PS2 graphics to a whole new level and offered an emotional story, however critics point towards a lack of originality in gameplay.

4. Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams
This spin-off presented the stark difference in quality between the PS2 and the newly released Xbox. The latter could not handle the game’s graphics, and this resulted in poor effects and downgraded cinematics.

5. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Shattered Memories was proof that games had the power to push technology further. This game capitalized on the motion control functionalities of Nintendo’s Wii. Today, game creators, including mobile developers and slot creators continue to use new technologies to deliver new experiences to players.

6. Silent Hill: Origins
The Silent Hill storyline prequel made its debut on Sony’s PSP and the result surprised critics and players yet again. Its greatest success was in-play handling on the handheld, however, even its storyline got praise, thanks to its connection to the first Silent Hill game.

7. Silent Hill 4: The Room
Moving further away from the original series, Silent Hill 4 provides more action and less puzzle solving. However, even though it takes place in a different location it still features the same amount of thrill and anticipation.

8. Silent Hill: Homecoming
This game marked the first in the series to be managed by a Western developer and many criticize the result. Silent Hill: Homecoming provided a fully controllable camera and significantly more violent scenes. In the end, delays in release and forced edits to reduce the violence ranks it towards the bottom ranks of the series.

9. Silent Hill HD Collection
This refreshed collection of games gave new life to the classics, which were now able to be enjoyed on PS3 and Xbox 360. However, the results were far from a success. Such a remake to adapt to new technologies is common for online game favorites, including slots, which have adapted to work on mobile and HTML5.

10. Silent Hill: Downpour
Although Silent Hill: Downpour managed to return the series to its original successes, it generally failed to deliver the same experience. Combat and performance elements, as well as the story’s enemies fell far short of what players had come to expect from the Silent Hill series.

11. Silent Hill: Memories
Arguably the worst game in the franchise, Silent Hill: Memories was released on PS Vita and was criticized for a long storyline and poor gameplay experience. Nevertheless, compared to other, non-Silent Hill titles, Memories does well and remains a cult classic.

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