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Why Is Hygge Getting More and More Popular All Around the World?

Hygge is a lifestyle where the people are content—they are living a cosy life that is free from stress, and it comes from the Danish culture. Some call it Scandinavian. Recently, this kind of lifestyle has been making the rounds on the internet. Many influencers have been touting it, and the rest of the world is slowly following suit. What is it? What does it mean, and what does it really entail?

What Is Hygge? 

The term is pronounced as “hoo-ga.” There is no single translation for the word, but it embodies a simple lifestyle where the focus is not on material things but on well-being. For example, reading a book indoors or enjoying a hot cup of cocoa. Both of these are hygge lifestyles. 

Hygge is a lifestyle and tradition of the Danish people. It is their defining feature and identity. If Americans are known for freedom, then the Danes are known for hygge. 

The Danes created this kind of lifestyle because of their circumstances. It is cold in Denmark, and boredom is not unusual. It is also dark, and things are rather the same day by day. To get over this, they started to look for ways to celebrate no matter how simple the activities are. For example, a thing that is so simple as lighting a candle and then drinking a cup of coffee is enough to lift the spirits of someone. 

Eventually, the lifestyle transformed itself into art. A simple thing like brewing tea or coffee is much appreciated. Stopping by a florist once a week is also a hygge lifestyle. Pretty much, it is a lifestyle where you appreciate the simple things in life instead of looking at them as mundane. 

Because of this lifestyle, the Danish people have learned to live with contentment and simplicity. It is the exact opposite of city life, where the hustle and bustle cause so much stress in one’s spirit.

Why Is Hygge Getting so Popular? 

The world is a production machine. We are all bombarded with so many new technologies every day. Life has become a rat race, and we are all running to do one thing: to keep up with the Joneses. It is not unusual for people to buy a new phone all the time or eat out, or just go clubbing. Because of all these, people get tired. Their mind, body and soul feel so heavy, and people began to realize that they need to take a break. 

The solution? 


Hygge is gaining traction because it is a lifestyle that does not require money, yet it provides a feeling of fulfilment that money can never buy. You can simply brew a cup of coffee and stare at the snow. You can also get a banket and read a book. If you want, you can also play slot machines online like The Grand Galore on your phone while sipping tea.

The hygge lifestyle is becoming popular because people are tired. They need a break from the tedious lifestyle that the city offers. Take note that hygge does not mean getting off the grid. All it means is making things simple and enjoying these simple things that other people find mundane.

How Do You Live with Hygge Lifestyle? 

You can live a simple hygge lifestyle if you want, or you can do one thing hygge per day. It is completely up to you. Below are some ways with how you can do it. 

  1. First off, find an appropriate (calm) environment. Ideally, it has to be a clean environment with not much furniture or clutter. Hygge is about peace and calm. Too much clutter can make rattle your brain. Your kitchen can be an area for hygge. Your fireplace can also become one. 
  2. Next, get candles. There are so many candles in the market, and you can choose plain or scented ones. Hygge lifestyle is never complete without flickering lights. Make sure you also get comfortable clothes, especially loungewear, like socks and blankets. 
  3. Finally, choose something that you will do. You can eat a slice of cake and indulge for a little bit or you can drink coffee or tea. Cocoa powder or any hot chocolate will also do. On top of that, do something else like read a book, do art like painting, sew an embroidery or play a game on your mobile device.


Hygge lifestyle is a great way to de-stress. Couple that with a quiet home, cold weather, and you got a hygge lifestyle just waiting to happen. If you want, you can visit online casinos and play some games to relax, like the best online slots in Canada that you can find in popular online casinos. Just make sure that you do this to keep your mind off for a little while. 

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