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Canadian football players that enjoy a casino visit

In the wake of worldwide sports, gambling has always played an integral part in the world of sports as there are various gambling and betting companies currently sponsoring a team or a tournament of a sport.

While gambling is said to be have been away for supporters to earn while supporting their favorite team, it can also be given a punter a trauma-inducing loss.

Gambling knows no friend or enemy, you either win it or you lose your money. Of course, the best part of gambling or walking into one of CasinoScout’s online casino is when you win, but not as much as the emotions you gather when you lose a large sum of money.

While Gambling in an online casino might have been instigated to be a problem, it has been very supportive when it comes to the various sports punters place their gambles on. As it can lead to terrible financial losses it also leads to massive earnings.

Many football stars don't really gamble that much they just like to try their luck, or they see it as a way to let their emotions go wild. So it's quite hard to see a football star that loves to gamble all the time.

Next to that it’s not always necessary to play with real money in an online casino. With demo versions and freebies out there, you can play all types of online casino games. In this page about real money casinos in Canada you can find different types of websites where you can both play real money casino games and free demo games.

There are three football players who have expressed their love for gambling so much that they got into debt for it.

Adrian McPherson
In March 2003, former Florida State quarterback Adrian McPherson was arrested for stealing a check to pay his gambling bets.

While playing for his former college team Seminoles, he was suspended from the team by the head coach at the time. Mcpherson was handed two additional felony charges after confirming he made the check out for $3,500 and cashed it.

McPherson's love for gambling only resulted in terrible losses for the former quarterback.

LaMont Jordan
Former Denver Broncos running back LaMont Jordan was finding his way before hitting the streets of Las Vegas, which is mainly known as the Sin City. According to a report, the running back player was sued for refusing to pay the debts he acquired from gambling.

The Broncos running back was reported to have agreed and signed a check negotiable debts instrument worth $20,000 in the summer of 2008 and failed to return the cash.

On the pitch, Jordan has always been an impressive player in his quarterback position. He spent four years with the New York Jets before signing for Oakland Raiders, where he played for two years.

Pacman Jones
While Pacman Jones is quite talented in his NFL career, his popularity didn't stem from his ability on the pitch rather his ability to get arrested for his gambling issues.

In 2008, Jones was first charged for failing to pay his gambling debts to some Las Vegas Casino, the debt was said to be worth $20,000.

Not long after, Jones paid off his debts closing his cases of bad checks.

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