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10 Plays that remind you the MLS is for real

Major League Soccer often has this reputation of being considered a lesser league. After all, it will celebrate its 25 years of existence in 2021 while the English Football league was founded in 1888. A few star players have criticized the level of play and the referees in recent years. However, those who think that MLS soccer is less interesting to watch because it’s a young league have either not seen any games live or do not like soccer in the first place. Hey, no one is perfect, after all.

Over the years, many international stars such as Beckham, Drogba, Henry and Ibrahimovic have played in the MLS which increased the level of play around the league. Many MLS players who have spent their careers in this league have benefitted from playing with such talented players. The level of play has greatly increased and nowadays it can definitely compete with other soccer leagues around the world.

Still skeptical? Watch these ten videos to remind you that MLS is for real.

10. Leonardo Bertone Scores First MLS Goal in FC Cincinnati History


Is there a better way to score the first goal in a club’s history than with a beautiful volley?

9. Didier Drogba's 3 Goals in first Montreal Impact Start


From the first game, every Montreal Impact fan knew Drogba meant business. He quickly left his mark with a hat trick at his first game.

8. Sick play by Wayne Rooney


Crazy defensive play? Check!
Spectacular run? Check!
Sudden death? Check!
Game winning goal? Check!
Legendary play? Check, check and check!

This is the kind of play that makes live betting fans lose their minds.
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7. Eric Hassli’s Whitecaps wonder-goal!


One of the most beautiful goals ever caught on camera and the shot was taken from what looked like an impossible angle.

6. Insane goal by Carlos Ruiz


Watch this bullet of a shot. This is the stuff of legends!

7. World Class Equalizer from Thierry Henry vs Toronto FC


Just admire the control of the ball Henry displays before scoring the equalizer.

8. Will Johnson volleys home


One of the most spectacular plays the MLS ever witnessed. Admire the team play, the passes and then the beautiful goal.

9. Stefan Frei’s MLS Cup save


This list would not have been complete without a great goalkeeper’s save. Look at this beautiful play by Frei. His team, Seattle Sounders, eventually won the MLS Cup later that night.

10. Ibrahimovic’s unforgettable MLS moments


No player has been electrifying in MLS as much as Ibrahimovic. This international soccer legend has scored more than 560 goals in his pro career. Enjoy some of his best moments in the league!

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