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Legality of Online Casinos in Canada – All You Need to Know!

When it comes to online gambling in the Great White North, it’s a never-ending debate on whether Canadians are doing the right thing or not.
Well, the legalities lean more on the grey area; however, you’re in the right place if need to know the right answers. Let’s dive in and take a look at how grey this issue really is.

Gambling Regulations

One thing for sure is that gambling in Canada falls under the jurisdiction of the provinces. Each province has its own rules and legalities on online and offline gambling (which includes casinos). There isn’t any grey area on this.
However, things start becoming murky when online casinos come into the picture. We all know that the internet doesn’t pay any attention to the provincial boundaries. Which complicates things for the gambling enthusiasts.

While the Canadian Criminal Code legalities on gambling don’t stop you from making any wagers via offshore sites, it is illegal for the same sites to accept wagers from Canadians.

That is, it is very clear that Canada prohibits offshore online casinos from operating within Canada. But luckily for Canadian players, it seems the government is burying its head over this issue. Hence, as a player, you aren’t doing anything illegal.

The Silver Lining…

Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried that the SWAT will come bursting through your door for wagering on offshore casino sites. You can safely play poker, slots, and any games offered by the offshore online gaming operators.

Most of these sites are based in Cyprus, Gibraltar, and Isle of Man, where online gambling rules are open to everyone. The governments there are welcoming to the tax revenues.

It’s worth mentioning that none of the overseas sites have ever faced charges in Canadian courts. Despite millions of Canadians wagering in online casinos, there haven’t been any cases. That’s probably why most of these offshore sites are happily accepting Canadian players.

Until the oversea websites get into deep water with Canadian courts, you’re safe playing online casinos from the comfort of your home.

And so?..

Once again, these are the five things you need to know about legalities of online casinos in Canada, and let’s put your mind at ease

  • Canadians aren’t at any legal risk wagering at an online casino. And it doesn’t matter whether you play for leisure or professionally as a job
  • No Canadian has ever been prosecuted for participating in an online casino
  • It is illegal for operators to run an online casino in Canada without a license, and that’s why most online casinos are based offshore
  • Any winnings by gamers playing for fun aren’t taxed. However, the tax comes into play if your online gaming is deemed professional – based on frequency and payout expectations

Is your mind at peace now? If so, you can always visit Inside Casino where you’ll get all the right information on legal sites you can play online casinos as a Canadian. The site does all the leg work for you and find out which sites are legal to play at.

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