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What Can Jumanji Fans Do While They Wait for the Sequel?

The sequel to the reboot franchise of Jumanji, Jumanji: The Next Level is about to end its cinematic run from its release in December 2019. The film has already grossed $316.8 million in the USA and Canada, contributing to the worldwide gross of $796.2 million. The film also did well with critics and audiences, who were pleased that while the film retained some of the elements that made the series so popular, it added enough fresh material to add to the franchise as a whole. Indeed, the success of the film has led to a sequel already being touted. But what can fans of Jumanji do until then?

Will There Be a Jumanji 3?

The end credits of the film – no spoilers – do lead their way to a sequel in the way that 2017’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle didn’t as much. The sequel looks set to follow the plot of the original 1995 Jumanji starring Robin Williams and Kirsten Dunst, in that the board game came alive in suburban America. Could the sequel to the current run of films see the characters not sucked into the video game, but the video game taking over the world?

This would be a refreshing twist on the story as modern audiences know it, while also being a heavy nod towards the original and much-loved film. Given the trajectory of the cinematic releases, we might not get answers until 2021, but with a sequel almost guaranteed, we know that producers will continue to delight us with what they have done with the franchise.

Jumanji Video Game

A Jumanji video game was released in November 2019 to tie into the film release. The game, produced by Outright Games Ltd, is available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and on PC. The game features single-player modes as well as the option to team up with friends in split-screen gaming, and includes plots and locations from the film series and allows you to play as the primary protagonists (The Rock, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart). Not only does this allow you to dive into the world of Jumanji, but it adds elements to the franchise to expand the in-game universe. Jumanji Video Slots

NetEnt have even developed a Jumanji Video Slot. The game takes the icons and themes of the classic 1995 movie and wraps them up as a video slot game. In addition to traditional slot gameplay, the video element offers content linked to the Jumanji franchise. As this list of Canadian online casinos that host a multitude of NetEnt games shows, the choice of games is a factor in customers choosing a particular site, and many will opt for games based on franchises they know and love. Using the theme of Jumanji for a video slot will appeal to audiences who fondly remember the original film and will prove to be undoubtedly nostalgic for those who are familiar with the current series of films in cinemas.

Jumanji is a popular concept and one that could go in many different directions, so there’s plenty for fans to get involved with. The 2003 semi-sequel Zathura shows that the concept could be applied to many scenarios and involve different characters, so we could see spin-off books and merchandise etc. while wait for the third official film since the new timeline started. Until then, there’s the films, the game, and even the online slot game for fans to get stuck into.

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