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How To Buy US Lottery Tickets Online

The lotteries played in the United States are some of the biggest and best in the world. This is why people from outside the United States have always looked for a way to legally participate in the US lotteries. It is not uncommon for US lotteries to reach hundreds of millions of dollars. If you play Powerball or Mega-Millions online can easily pass a billion dollars.

As you browse through the recommendations in highly respected publications like Ottawa Entertainment, you will see many listings for online gaming. These touch on poker, keno, slots, and other games you may find in a casino. Going to the next level. Let’s explain through “Game Room” how to buy US lottery tickets online.

Industry leader

Many online casinos have casino-like games. There are online operations that claim the right to sell United States lottery tickets online. Lottoland is the industry leader with the largest offshore casino. When you go to their site, you will see lottery tickets for US lotteries, state lotteries, Powerball, Mega-Millions, Eurojackpot, Euro-Millions, Lotto 6aus 49, El Gordo and a lot more. However, they make it clear that you are not betting on these games. You are betting on the results of these games. The tickets look the same. The rules are the same, and the payout is the same. In every way, the experience is the same. If the numbers you play hit, you win. You win the same amount of money that the US game paid. You are paid by Lottoland. Large payouts are paid from Lottland’s insurance company. Smaller payouts are paid by their casino site.

Lottoland is licensed and insured and follows all of the laws that apply to a business in their position. In fact, they are often proactive. They have made very large donations to charities, and have invested heavily in software to keep their clients safe. They keep their finger on the pulse of the industry and their customers are always their top priority.

How to buy your US lottery tickets

These instructions are based on the instructions from the Lottoland website. The steps are the same with other sites except the other sites do not always have changeable options at the set-up stage.

  1. Set-up your free account
    1. Start in the upper right corner of the screen and follow instructions.
    2. Note: only one account per person is allowed

  2. Fund your account
    1. There are many ways to fund your account. Click on “my account” then click on “add funds”. You will see several options for credit cards, bank transfers, electronic wallets, and other forms of electronic ways to put funds in your account.


  1. Choose your lottery
    1. There is a wide variety of lottery tickets. They each are linked to a place on the main menu. Check them out carefully. As you make your selection keep a mental note on what you will try next.

  2. Filling in your ticket
    1. Your lottery ticket will come up on the screen and it looks and plays just like a paper ticket. Click on the corresponding number to select a number. You can click Quick +1 for a random number. If you would like a random number for the entire card press, +rest.

  3. At this point, you can click “Submit” or “Double Jackpot”
    1. Double Jackpot costs a little more, but Lottoland and the Insurers are guaranteeing to pay a Double Jackpot on this purse if your numbers are winners. 

  4. Confirm and proceed or click Numbershield
    1. You have your numbers ready to go and you can’t imagine anyone else picking the same numbers But, it can and does happen. If you want to ensure that no one can hit your numbers and you will have to share the money, click Numbershield.

  5. Time and duration setting
    1. You might want this lotto to play over a period of time. You can set this up here. It is easy to do.

  6. Participation
    1. You may be a casual player. Maybe you don’t even bother until the jackpot hits a million dollars. This is the time to set the options to suit you.

  7. Submit
    1. When you submit, you will be directed to the shopping cart and given the opportunity to review your order and change your mind before you turn it in. It is this easy. After that, all you have to do is watch for the lucky numbers to be announced.

The above information provides the basic information needed to set up your account and select your lotto tickets. The site we chose is user-friendly. Most sites are a stripped-down version of this. The steps are basically the same if you are signing up on Lottoland’s main site or on their app.

Once you get set up and begin to browse all the exciting games that are coming soon, you will be glad you used these, easy-to-follow guides.

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