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Top Restaurants in Ottawa You Should Visit

Ottawa can offer its guests more than a thousand gastronomic establishments of various levels and specializations. No matter what cuisine you prefer and what type of food you like most, you will be able to find your “perfect-match” restaurant in Ottawa. Let’s go through the must-visit gastronomic places of Ottawa together.

Beckta Dining & Wine

Among the prestigious and highly visited places of the city, the national restaurant Beckta Dining & Wine is distinguished. Excellent meat courses and interesting vegetable side dishes, an excellent wine list, and a pleasant atmosphere - these are the main advantages of a popular restaurant. The Beckta Dining & Wine restaurant is perfectly suitable for special occasions.

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Pelican Grill

The restaurant Pelican Grill specializes in preparing seafood. One of the most popular courses is the clam soup with bacon and mussels that are served with a special sauce. Despite the fact that the menu contains many exquisite delicacies, the prices in the Pelican Grill restaurant remain at the most affordable level.


This restaurant can be recommended to those who prefer vegetarian food since its menu includes dozens of unique vegetable and fish courses. All the food they cook differs not only in excellent taste but also in an interesting design. The attentive attitude of the staff will delight guests; the level of service at ZenKitchen is always at the top level.

Fraser Caf├ę

Breakfast is best served at Fraser Caf├ę, where a buffet offers a rich selection of pastries, sweets, and drinks to customers in the mornings. So if you are looking for something tasty and healthy to start your day with, then Fraser Caf├ę is a perfect place for you.

Play Food & Wine

Fans of French cuisine will love the Play Food & Wine restaurant, which has its own wine cellar. Wines are brought here from various provinces of France; all culinary masterpieces are cooked according to the classic recipes. So it is no wonder why this restaurant is one of the most visited gastronomic places in Ottawa.

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