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Lesser-Known Travel Attractions To Consider In Ottawa

In Ottawa you will find so many government buildings since it is the capital of the country but the city is vibrant and has a really interesting urban landscape for tourists. If you want to drink, have some adventure, explore or eat, there are countless options available. You will find many things that are not available anywhere else so you do want to research all available options before visiting. Whether you just travel for pleasure through an eTA Canada visa or for business, here are some things to consider.

Enjoying Unique Eating Options

Food does dictate trips and experiences. You will be happy to hear that in Ottawa you can find all cuisine options for literally all possible budgets. Some options that are lesser-known:

Flapjack’s Canadian Diner – this is where you want to try some maple syrup topped pancakes. Try the panwich and enjoy one of the numerous DJ parties and live shows.

Shawarma Palace – this might seem strange but shawarma should be considered in Ottawa, especially at Shawarma Palace. The Lebanese eatery is a huge local favorite because of the affordable prices and flavorful meals.

Enjoying Unique Drinking Options

You cannot have great food that is not followed by some drinks. Different key areas are present in Ottawa with so many bars, including ByWard Market but you should explore. Some interesting lesser-known options:

Local Union 613 – commonly known as Union, here you can enjoy some great whisky cocktails and even some Southern inspired cuisine.

Brewery Market – this is an event that takes place once per month and is perfect for beer enthusiasts. Similarly to a farmer’s market, this event focuses on beer.

Some Unique Ottawa Experiences

Every seasoned traveller will tell you that the best way to know the city is to enjoy it like the locals. That is why you do want to think about the following:

Canadian Museum Of Nature – Each month, on the very last Friday, the museum transforms into a hip and loved nightclub. There are different event themes every single time and you can explore the museum as you enjoy a cocktail and a DJ creates the atmosphere.

Mayfair Theatre – There are so many lesser-known movies that are shown here, many on 16 mm. If you love movies, this 1932 opened theater is something that will be quite memorable.

Adventure Options In Ottawa

Thrill seekers do not often travel to Ottawa since not much is known about the local adventure scene. If you want to get blood pumping through your veins, consider these recommendations:

Ottawa City Rafting – You spend one day cruising along rapids of class II and III difficulties, all in the city limits of Ottawa.

Nepean Point – Visit this location to get wonderful views of Ottawa. You can see all the major attractions and you are close to the popular ByWard Market.

Final Thoughts

Ottawa is wonderful if you want to experience it as a local so make sure that you think about all the destinations recommended above. Many others can be mentioned but those are definitely a great start of a memorable trip.

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